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The Mayor of South Yorkshire talks TramSense on YouTube Jan 2024Oliver Coppard, Mayor of South Yorkshire, was in conversation with Louisa Harrison-Walker, Chief Executive of the Sheffield Chamber of Commerce. During the discussion, the Mayor spoke about the potential opportunities that franchised bus services could bring, the challenges of meeting net zero targets and boosting active travel, and the rationale for bringing South Yorkshire’s tram network under public control. His views on Mass Transit are far thinking and a template for those considering only Bus and Train mass Transit Schemes.UTG - Urban Transport Group
UTG Light Rail Briefing.Light Rail reduces congestion and better environment: Light rail systems can carry 4,000 people per hour per direction, per hour, equivalent to 2,500 cars. 25% of Manchester Metrolink users said they would travel by car instead if Metrolink wasn’t available, and 42% of Tyne and Wear Metro users in North Tyneside said they would switch to car or taxi if the Metro was to close. The reduction in road traffic associated with light rail schemes not only cuts congestion but also reduces ambient noise levels and improves air quality.Higher quality urban realm, attracting new visitors, new investment and changing the overall perception of urban areas: in Croydon, surveys of residents and businesses before the opening of Tramlink suggest that many viewed Croydon as in decline. After the opening, most saw the area as experiencing regeneration and expansion. In Manchester, it seems unlikely that the successful regeneration of Salford Quays would have taken place without the Metrolink connecting the former industrial area to the centre of the city. The Salford Quays extension cost £150 million but created over 3,000 permanent jobs, stimulated £60 million of investment by business and boosted the economy of Greater Manchester by £70 million a yearUTG - Urban Transport Group
UTG Pandemic May 2021Light rail: keeping city regions moving during the pandemic – and building back better afterwards. The Urban Transport Group brings together the public sector transport authorities for the largest city regions. This fact sheet is about the five LRT systems in England outside London which are part of the Urban Transport Group network. These systems are Manchester Metrolink, Tyne and Wear Metro, Sheffield Supertram, Nottingham Express Transit (NET) and West Midlands Metro.UTG - Urban Transport Group
UTG-Light Rail needed Now Nov 21Leading Green light: What light rail can do for city regions – produced by consultant Steer Group on behalf of the Urban Transport Group – stresses the role light rail networks have played in providing connectivity during the pandemic, allowing key workers and others unable to work from home to commute, as well as providing access to healthcare facilities and vaccination hubs. (See related report below)UTG - Urban Transport Group
UTG - What light rail can do for City regions OCT 21Light rail is now playing a bigger role in the life of British towns and cities than since the heyday of urban tram systems between the First and Second World Wars. In the year to March 2019, 282 million journeys were made on Britain’s nine light rail networks. Light rail has supported economic growth in the areas that it serves, promoted social inclusion and led to environmental gain, including a reduction in carbon emissions. It contributes to meeting the Government’s “levelling up” agenda and helps meet the need to decarbonise transportUTG - Urban Transport Group
Why choose Light Rail?

What is Light Rail & Trams today?

For public transport to become a force in dealing with urban congestion, carbon reduction, improving air quality and to be an attractive alternative to the car, it must be built quickly and operate affordably.

Some benefits:

  • Light rail systems have proven track record
  • Growing the public transport market
  • Creating modal shift in some cases 32%
  • Supporting regeneration , renewal and inward regeneration
  • Assisting in the creation off a new urban framework
  • An extremely green mode of transport
  • Will drastically reduce the nations carbon footprint
  • Can be used to re-engineer city districts
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