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Southend on SeaDear Councilor Wakefield, Many thanks for taking my call as Secretariat on Friday in response to the article in your local Echo and the short discussion that we had about it Several points arose as follows:- 1. You envisage using automated rubber wheeled vehicles sometime way in the future 2. Trams are too expensive 3. Miss the shops • As your automated vehicles run on rubber wheels, we see that this type of vehicle in the built-up area will not be in compliance with the Climate Change Act which will on the statute book shortly, as the road tyre brake dust are a significant producer of fine particulates which are extremely toxic with no safe minimum limits, attached is a study that we have done recently for Bristol which will explain this in greater detail • Trams (VLR) for smaller towns and cities are available off the shelf now, again in the Bristol Report there are examples of Hydrogen autonomous trams with no overhead and using track developed for Coventry VLR Shuttle the cost subject to a pre-feasibility study similar to the Bristol Report • The type of tram available is very broad from a tourist new build “old car” or to a modern car (100 x passengers) which can be coupled up autonomously x 3 at a later date. This type of vehicle is available from the supplier of your Pier Line • I have also attached a suggested retail route map to show how in actual fact the retail footfall access will rise and regenerate your “High Street” I have copied my colleagues at LRTA Campaign Group, TramForward for a complimentary E- copy of the LRTA Magazine “Tramway and Urban Transit” to come to you FOC for three months for your perusal (;; I would like to draw your attention to our website and have a look at videos and pollution sections. We believe that “steel on steel” is a major tool especially with a high modal switch and no pollution at the point of use is a major tool to assist us achieve Net Zero in compliance with Government aspirations Southend on Sea
Southend on SeaSOUTHEND Council is exploring ambitious plans to revitalise the city centre which could see electric trams running visitors and residents down to the seafront. The bold new ideas form part of the council’s new city centre strategy and vision, costing £120,000 to develop, which aims to boost the city centre, seafront and businesses across the city. Next week, cabinet will meet to discuss ideas to revitalise the city, including new and green public transport options.The council is looking into delivering a “light rapid transit link” from Southend Victoria Station to the seafront – among the possible schemes to achieve this would be an electric tram running along Chichester Road parallel to the High Street Southend on Sea
Why choose Light Rail?

What is Light Rail & Trams today?

For public transport to become a force in dealing with urban congestion, carbon reduction, improving air quality and to be an attractive alternative to the car, it must be built quickly and operate affordably.

Some benefits:

  • Light rail systems have proven track record
  • Growing the public transport market
  • Creating modal shift in some cases 32%
  • Supporting regeneration , renewal and inward regeneration
  • Assisting in the creation off a new urban framework
  • An extremely green mode of transport
  • Will drastically reduce the nations carbon footprint
  • Can be used to re-engineer city districts
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