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International:Danish Tram Study Sept 2022The program is now completed for our study visit to Denmark where we will visit three different light rail systems in different stages of completion. When we visit the cities, Aarhus will have been operating for a while. Odense will have recently opened, and Copenhagen are in the midst of construction.International
Berlin Outliers Germany Nov 21Schöneiche and Woltersdorf, They are curiosities on the edge of Berlin – a pair of tramways that are very different, yet linked by history and management.International
Appenzell/St Gallen SwitzerlandMike Ballinger, LRTA TramForward, explores the fascinating gathering of metre-gauge urban and interurban rail services in eastern Switzerland...Courtesy: Tramway and Urban TransportInternational
Frankfurt on Oder Germany Nov 2021After a varied and at times difficult history, the metre-gauge network in the town on Brandenburg’s eastern border is looking forward to fleet renewal. Tony Streeter reports. Courtesy : Tramways and Urban TransportInternational
ULE-UDE Siberia Russia Nov 2021Mike Russell reports from one of Russia’s most progressive tramways, recently equipped with new low-floor rolling stock...Courtesy of Tramway and Urban TransportInternational
Chemnitz Germany Nov 2021Tony Streeter explores the tramway in this forward-looking Saxon city, the home of an ambitious and developing TramTrain programme with planned growth over a multi-decade plan...Courtesy: Tramway and Urban transportInternational
Portland USA Nov 2021With significant milestones for both the MAX light rail and Streetcar service, TAUT explores the complex history of urban rail service in Oregon’s largest city.International
Jena, GermanyServing a thriving city closely associated with optical pioneer Carl Zeiss, Jena’s metre-gauge tramway will soon welcome a new fleet of modern low-floor cars. Courtesy : Tramway and Urban TramwaysInternational
Strasbourg: A tram city regaining the public realm and on target for carbon reduction May 2020It quickly became clear what a positive effect the tram system had had on each of the very differently planned sectors of the city and on the city as a whole. Initially, the aim was to look at the recently completed new tram system in Strasbourg but it soon became apparent that the new tramway was a only part of an integrated multi-mode transport strategy. It quickly became clear what a positive effect the tram system had had on each of the very differently planned sectors of the city and on the city as a whole. Initially, the aim was to look at the recently completed new tram system in Strasbourg but it soon became apparent that the new tramway was a only part of an integrated multi-mode transport strategy. International
Germany: Leipzig Orders Solaris Vehicles Dec 2016The latest funding package would cover half the cost of a further nine trams. In 2015 LVB selected Solaris to supply five trams for €7•7m, with options for a further 36. The first tram from the base order is due to arrive in Leipzig this month, with entry into revenue service on the 1 458 mm gauge network expected early next year. International
Poland: Reworked Ex Frankfurt Cars: A low cost option Dec 2016The first of 15 Type Pt trams which Tramwaje ?l?skie acquired second-hand from Frankfurt-am-Main has been unveiled following an extensive modernisation.International
Finland:Helsinki Tram loan Dec 2016Helsinki City Transport (HKL) has signed a long-term loan agreement with the Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) to procure 40 new trams for the city.International
Charlotte: USA Hybrid Battery Trams Ordered Dec 2016Siemens is to supply six hybrid battery-powered versions of its S70 light rail vehicles for Charlotte’s Gold Line extension.International
Turkey: Izmir - New Trams for ExtensionsIzmir - New Trams for ExtensionsInternational
Turkey: Izmir New Trams for ExtensionsIzmir New Trams for ExtensionsInternational
Finland: Helsinki -Espoo Extension Aug 2016Helsinki - Espoo ExtensionInternational
Estonia: Tallin Airport Extension Aug 2016Tallinn Airport Tram ExtensionInternational
Holland: The Hague Air Pollution Aug 2016The Dutch Government sued over air quality Aug 2016International
Russia: St Petersburg : Fast Trams Stadler & TKK July 2016St Petersburg's fast trams orderInternational
Industry :Asian Capacitors : July 2016Asian Capacitors, a break through with out street over headInternational
Romania: Update July 2016Romanian update July 2016International
Australia, Gold Coast: 14 Million Passengers July 2016Australia, Gold Coast: 14 Million Passengers July 2016International
Brazil: Rio Olympic Games Tram July 2016Brazil: Rio Olympic Games Tram July 2016International
Perth Australia: Light Rail Reviewed: Aug 2016Perth Australia: Light Rail Reviewed: Aug 2016International
Qatar; Designs for new LR vehicles unveiled April 2016QATAR: The designs for the future Doha Metro cars and Lusail Light Rail Transit vehicles were unveiled by national railway project promoter Qatar Railways CoInternational
China; Qindao Opens Hydrogen Tram Service March 2016China: Qindao Hydrogen Services OpensInternational
Australia: Canberra, Spanish Trams 6 Feb 2016Canberra Spanish trams to run to GunGahlinInternational
Spain: Tenerife Extention ApprovalThe board of Metrotenerife Spain has approved the start of tendering for a 2•5 km extension of tram Route 2 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. International
France: Caen Guided Bus convertion to Tramway Feb 2016FRANCE: The municipality of Caen has confirmed its intention to develop a three-line light rail network by converting it's Guided Bus to a Tramway for opening by the end of 2019International
Netherlands: Rebuilt Den Haag Station inaugurated 1st Feb 2016NETHERLANDS: The rebuilt Den Haag Centraal station was officially inaugurated by Mayor Jozias van Aartsen and State Secretary at the Ministry of Infrastructure & Environment Sharon Dijksma during a day of celebrations on February 1International
New Trams ordered for Dublin, Lyon and Gold Coast 1 Dec 2015A summary of new trams ordered for Dublin, Lyon. and the Gold Coast International
Australia: Gold Coast: Feds to fund Stage 2?The Australian Government is providing A$95m for the construction of the Gold Coast light rail Stage 2, connecting the Gold Coast to Brisbane. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk have said that the extension project will be completed in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. International
Australia:Canberra:European technology 5 October 2015 Rolling stock companies bidding to be part of Canberra's tram network are planning state-of-the-art technology and European design, with similar models to the Gold Coast and Sydney networks. Bids from the two consortiums are being considered by the ACT government now, with Spanish company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles part of the Canberra Metro bid and Bombardier Transportation Australia part of the Activate bid. The ACT plans to spend $65 million on a fleet of 14 trams, each 33 metres long and with capacity to carry about 200 people. Canberra's trams will include space for four bikes inside each vehicle, and passengers will buy tickets or activate their smartcard from readers at tram stops, not on board. The trams will be 100 per cent powered by renewable energy. International
Australia: Change of Government leds to Tram projects being dusted off. Oct 2015With Malcolm Turnbull now in the prime minister’s chair, Adelaide could get the green light on rail projects. Australia just experienced a change in government without an election when the ruling Liberal Party ousted Prime Minister Tony Abbott and chose Malcolm Turnbull as his replacement. That in turn has led officials in at least two Australian cities to dust off or propose plans for new light-rail lines, as Turnbull has made comments suggesting that he would be more receptive to rail transit projects than the road-focused Abbott was. International
Australia:Gold Coast, Feds to fund additional Trams October 2015Malcolm Turnbull's ascension to prime minister means Gold Coast's light rail extension will be completed in time for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Local member Steven Ciobo confirmed on Thursday the federal government had reached an in-principle agreement to provide funds for the second stage of the light rail project. International
Eire: Dublin, Relaunch of Airport Metro Project Oct 2015THE GOVERNMENT HAS resurrected the Metro North plan to link Dublin city centre with the airport and Swords. The relaunched project should be finished by 2026, it was announced today as part of the government’s capital investment plan. The plan isn’t a new one – an older Metro North proposal was shelved by the coalition as it took office in 2011 on cost grounds. It will cost over €2 billion. A handout of the stops given to reporters today. International
Poland: An update of success: Sept 2015Where does this boom come from? The success of the Polish recovery is clearly down to the connectivity provided by the tram Arguments in all of the cities are almost completely identical: trams can transport much more passenger than for example buses, and in comparison to them, they are much more cheaper in exploitation, they do not pollute the environment, don’t get caught up in traffic jams, don’t create greater noise. – Used up rails can be recycled, but a deteriorated road is hard to recycle and costly in utilization – states Tomasz Kunert from Warsaw’s town hallInternational
Bulgaria, Sofia: Green grass Track Aug 2015Bulgaria's capital is grassing over some of its tram lines as part of a programme to make the city greener. An initial 60m (197ft) stretch of the "green rails" has already opened in Sofia's Ruski Pametnik Square. Architects hope the new turf will muffle traffic noise, improve air quality and cool the often torrid Sofia summer heat, Nova TV reports. A drainage system has been installed to divert rain water off the rails into the soil beneath the grass. There seems to be no problem with grass track there!International
Australia: Gold Coast, One year on Aug 2015Tourism and Commonwealth games Minister Kate Jones says the light rail system has revolutionised public transport on the Gold Coast. "Gold Coast residents and visitors alike have embraced the G:," she says. "We've created jobs, reduced congestion, boosted urban renewal, serviced major events, and given locals and tourists a new way to experience the Gold Coast. "Gold Coast Light Rail patronage continues to exceed expectations, with an average of more than 18,200 trips made on the G: each day." "The Gold has experienced a very significant global increase in public transport patronage of more than 25 per cent in the first 11 months since the G: and the bus network changes started. International
Taiwan Kaohsiung Test Running July 2015Kaohsiung, July 22 (CNA) Kaohsiung began a week-long test of the country's first light rail system on Tuesday with an eye toward holding a passenger trial run in the second half of August, the southern Taiwan city's Mass Rapid Transit Bureau said. It is gratifying to note that the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group on their visit in 2013 in high level discussions with the Taiwanese Minister of Transport advocated that the line should be built at Grade (Ground Level) to enable retail and residential development along the route and not as in the Taipei system of an elevated line with subsequent station cluster development. ( JH Secretary ) International
Australia: Sydney, French Architect Jul 2015Imagine for a minute a George Street devoid of cars, with sleek granite paving spanning the entire boulevard and trees shading pavement cafes as pedestrians wander from boutique to boutique. Every four minutes a light rail tram would roll by, almost silently. But by and large, Sydney's major artery would be a place for people to walk and talk - an unthinkable idea now. "The idea is, a good tramway line is like a reserve, a pleasant place, whether people use the transportation system or not," says Thomas Richez, a world-renowned French architect whose firm has been involved in retrofitting more than a dozen cities in Europe and Africa with light rail projects. International
Luxemburgh: New CAF design Revealed July 2015Luxtram and manufacturer CAF have revealed the design of the new trams being built for Luxembourg ‘s first modern light rail network. CAF has developed the styling of its Urbos tram with designers Eric Rhinn, Michel Leonardi and Isabelle Corten. CAF is supplying 21 high-capacity trams for the line – the first of which will arrive in the city at the start of 2017. International
Brazil: San Paolo: June 2015São Paulo’s state governor has signed a 20-year public transport operating contract, which includes the new VLT light rail system, with the BR Mobility Santos consortium. The PPP operating contract is worth $5.6 billion (€1.63 billion) over the next 20 years. A signing ceremony was held last week to coincide with the delivery of the first Brazilian-built VLT light rail vehicle for the project. International
Japan: Hiroshima, Remembrance Tram June 2015HIROSHIMA--An inspirational symbol, one of the few remaining streetcars that survived the August 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima has been repainted its original gray and blue colours to mark the 70th anniversary of the world’s first use of a nuclear weapon.International
Australia: Sydney, June 2015 A before and after comparison with the Gold CoastWe have heard it all before here in the UK how wrong they are A before and after comparison Light rail is "too disruptive." The city's transport needs "could be accommodated much more cheaply by buses." The tram line would remove too many car parking spots "necessary for the vitality of business." No – we are not talking about Sydney. But you can rest assured that almost every argument about Sydney's new light rail line has been made before, and not too far away. The above comments are from Lex Bell, a councillor from Surfers Paradise who was one of the most vociferous critics of the tram line built on the Gold Coast between 2010 and 2013. International
Kazakhstan: Pavlodar, June 2015THE European Bank for Reconstruction and Redevelopment has agreed to provide a Tenge 2.5bn ($US 13.4m) loan to fund the modernisation of the 86km tram network in Pavlodar, a city of 330,000 people in northwest Kazakhstan.International
Sydney: Australia, Construction begins: June 2015THE detailed construction schedule for Sydney's CBD and South East light rail line was released on May 28, with major city centre works on the 12km route scheduled to start on October 23 2015International
Houston: USA, Opens TWO new Lines June 2015Houston's Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (Metro) celebrated the opening of two new light rail lines over the weekend of May 23.International
Marseille: France, opens third line June 2015COMMERCIAL services began operating on Marseille's third light rail line on May 30 with the opening of the 1.2km branch to Place Castellane, which extends the network into the south of the city.International
Ulm: Germany, Siemens wins LRV Contract June 2015STADTWERKE Ulm (SWU) signed a €32m contract with Siemens on May 22 for 12 Avenio M low-floor LRVs as part of a project to expand the German city's metre-gauge tram network.International
Budapest: Trams instead of Metro June 2015PLANS to extend Budapest metro Line 4 east from its current terminus at Keleti have effectively been abandoned after the municipal government voted instead to expand the city's tram network. Under the new proposals a new tram line will be constructed from Astoria to Újpalota, while tram Line 1 will be extended north to Aranyvölgy and Line 60, the city's rack railway, will be extended at both ends. International
Europe: Cost of Air Pollution 28 April 2015Tuesday 28 April 2015 17.00 BST Last modified on Wednesday 29 April 2015 15.46 BST The financial cost of air pollution in Europe stands at more than $1.6tn (£1.5tn) a year, a study by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found, equating to about a tenth of the GDP of the continent. While air pollution has long been known to be a major environmental burden, the costs in human and economic terms have not been categorised before. International
Alstom: First Citadis sold to Shanghai China 13 April 2015Shanghai has placed a €72 million order with Alstom’s Chinese joint venture for 30 new Citadis trams – becoming the first Chinese city to adopt the technology. Shanghai Alstom Transport Co (SATCO), a joint venture between Alstom and Shanghai Rail Traffic Equipment Development Co, will supply light rail vehicles for the first two lines of a planned six-line system in the Songjiang district of Shanghai. International
Queen Street Auckland NZ 3 April 2015Much of Queen St would be closed off to motor vehicles under latest scheme by transport planners. Cars may be squeezed out of Auckland's main street as the city's transport authority looks to modern trams to move growing throngs of commuters. Auckland Transport chief engineer Steve Hawkins warns there will be insufficient space in much of Queen St for general traffic to co-exist with trams running in each direction every few minutes between the waterfront and Dominion Road. International
Stadler: Moscow Demonstrator 23 March 2015Mosgortrans has begun trialling a new prototype tram model from Stadler Minsk ahead of a possible introduction to the city’s light rail fleet . The three-car ‘Metelitsa’ is one of several new trams being tested in the Russian capital at the city’s Bauman depot. Over the next four months, the low-floor trams will carry out technical and operational tests both with and without passengers. International
Alstom: Rio de Janerio 27 March 2015The first track segment of a new VLT light rail system in Rio de Janeiro has been laid. A 400-metre section of track has been installed on General Luiz Mendes de Morais street in the city’s Santo Christo district. International
Solaris: Leipzig Order 27 March 2015Leipzig City Transport (LVB) has placed a framework order with Solaris for up to 41 Tramino light rail vehiclesInternational
Bombardier: Brussels Final Flexity 20 March 2015Societe des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles (STIB), Brussels’ public transport authority, placed its first order for 46 Flexity Outlook trams in 2003. This has been followed up with several additional options.International
Bombardier: Dusseldorf & Cologne 20 March 2015Bombardier has been awarded two new contracts for light rail vehicles from the Dusseldorf (Rheinbahn AG) and Cologne transport authorities (KVB).International
Solaris : Krakow Testing 26 Feb 2015Krakow City Transport (MPK) has begun testing its new energy-efficient Solaris trams. A three-month trial phase is now underway on the city’s line 1. International
Sydney 27 Feb 2015Financial close has been achieved on the €1.4 billion CBD and South East Light Rail line in Sydney. The ALTRAC Light Rail consortium, previously called Connecting Sydney, will deliver the new 12-kilometre tram system from Circular Quay through the central business district (CBD) and on to Moore Park and Randwick Racecourse. International
Milwaukee, A Green Light. 11 Feb 2015 Milwaukee’s Common Council has voted in favour of building its downtown light rail line. Phase one of the city’s streetcar network is expected to cost $123.9 million. Ground breaking is scheduled to take place later this year and the line is set to open in 2018. International
Paris T9 5 Feb 2015Ile-de-France transport authority STIF has obtained the declaration of public utility for the proposed T9 tram line in Paris. The declaration is a necessary step in the project’s development which will allow STIF to potentially begin preliminary works in 2016. International
Arup/Ramboll : Copenhagen Line 3 Designers 6 Feb 2015An Arup/Rambøll joint venture has been charged with designing a new double-track light rail system in Copenhagen.International
Helsinki & Espoo 28 Jan 2015WSP and Ramboll are to draw up detailed plans for a new dual-track light railway linking Helsinki and Espoo. The 25-kilometre system will connect the Itäkeskus district in Helsinki and Keilaniemi in Espoo, partially replacing the existing bus service between the city. International
Edinburgh Leith Extention 9 Dec 2014Edinburgh City Council is to consider the case for extending its tram network to Leith. Leith had been included in original plans for the light rail system but the length of the line was scaled back after the project ran into funding problems. International
RAPT: Valencienne 24 November 2014 RATP Dev has been awarded a seven-year contract to operate two light rail lines in Valenciennes. The contract covers the entire Transvilles public transport network including bus and light rail International
Siemens: Qatar Education City 11 Mar 2015QATAR: Siemens' Simmering plant in Austria has completed the first of the Avenio light rail vehicles for the Education City People Mover System, an 11•5 km catenary-free tramway which is being built to serve the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science & Community Development's education and research campus west of DohaInternational
Hannover Ustra 13 March 2015Hanover’s public transport operator, Üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe (Üstra), is finally set to put its new light rail fleet into serviceInternational
Alstom: Astana Kazakstan Feb 2015Astana is getting ready to launch a light rail tramline with up to 50 trams before 2017, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Tramway Strategy Manager of Alstom Loic Dubois. “There is a project called light rail tramline for Astana. It has to be launched before EXPO-2017. We know today that the plan is to construct 3 lines, 42 stops and launch around 50 trams,”International
Pyongyang, North Korea (Democratic Peoples's Republic of Korea) Systems Fact File 87The fascinating history of the capital of the Democratic Peoples's Republic of Korea and its diverse tramway operation Tramways & Urban Tramways December 2014International
St. Etienne, France System Fact File 86Old but not old-fashioned, short but not insignificant, Sait-Etienne's tramway has grown from from a surviving fragment as part of the city's much-needed economic revival Tramways & Urban Tramways November 2014International
Tallin, Estonia System Fact File 85Estonia's only tramway in the midst of infrastructure and awaiting new trams after years of reliance of second-hand rolling stock Tramways & Urban Tramways Oct 2014International
Linz, Austria Systems Fact File 74Linz; The network exemplifies this Austrian city being the the EU's biggest public transport users by head of population Tramways & Urban Tramways November 2013International
Gothenburg Sweden Systems Fact File 73Fleet problems created unwelcome news for Scandinavia's largest tramway. A report from Sweden's second city where service nevertheless been maintained on this impressive system Tramway & Urban Tramways Oct 2013International
Nuremberg Germany Systems Fact File 72Nuremberg in northern Bavaria is one of Germany's great transport centre and we have a look at the changed role of trams in the city'd own network Tramways & Urban Tramways September 2013International
Szeczin Poland Systems Fact File 68A population of around 407,00 makes Szczecin the seventh largest in Poland. After years of declining infrastructure and vehicle quality, the tramway is receiving much needed new investment through EU project funding Tramways & Urban Tramways May 2013 International
Dubai tramway opens 11 Nov 2014UAE: The first tram line in Dubai was officially inaugurated on November 11 by the Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.International
Budapest Tramway's Renaissance Dec 2014An update to Budapest Tramways Renaissance, Restructuring resources and perceptions, renewal and expansionInternational
Paris - France Line T8 opens 16 Dec 2014FRANCE: Paris tram Route T8 entered service on December 16, following four weeks of trial running without passengersInternational
Naberezhnye Chelny Dec 2014USSIA: The city of Naberezhnye Chelny in Tatarstan inaugurated a 6•1 km extension of its 1 524 mm gauge tram network on December 12.International
Lille - France A System Fact File - T&AUT March 2012Rebuilding Lille’s historic tramway followed the introduction of the world’s first fully automatic metro The main city of Nord-Pas de Calais region, Lille is France’s fourth largest urban area (Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine) with a population of 1 106 885 in 2007. Boosting that number are adjoining communities across the border in Belgium. International
Brno - Czech Republic A small city - System Fact File T&AUT 2012A bustling city of magnificent architecture in an interesting setting, Brno also has a long-established tramway – the Czech Republic’s first – intensive trolleybus operations and rolling stock displaying equal measures of variety. International
Potsdam Germany - A small city - System Fact File T&AUT 2012In a small city with a dramatic history and attractions to match, Potsdam’s long-established tramway owes much to the changes of recent years. International
Perth Western Australia - MapProposed Light Rail Network map International
Perth - Western AustraliaPerth - Western AustraliaInternational
Applrg - Presentation by FGV Alicante Visit May 2012A presentation and update given to the Applrg's visit to Alicante May 2012 by Senior Francesc Sabate Villaret FGV on a fact finding vist 23rd May 2012 International
Detroit USA - Final Light Rail ReportOver $4 billion in investment around light rail in Dallas. Property value increases of 25% in Minneapolis. Over 600% return on investment for light rail spending. These figures are not flukes, just examples of the amazing possibilities offered by light rail. By investing in mass transit now, Detroit can spur economic growth and help revitalize the region. International
LR Applrg - TOD - Transit Orientated Development examplesThis report documents real estate development patterns along three recently constructed light rail transit lines in the United States. This topic is important for local planning practitioners, transit agencies, community members and other stakeholders in their efforts to plan for new transit investments and foster transit-oriented development (TOD). Setting realistic expectations about the scale, timing and location of private investment along new transit lines is especially critical where new development is expected to help pay for needed transit improvements, neighborhood amenities, or other community benefits. International
LR Applrg - Light Rail in France Update Graham Jellett v. 04 05 2011An update and comparison of the rise and rise of the French Light Rail systems compiled by Mr Graham Jellett, Regional Officer LRTA Pages 5 - 9 are significant comparators. International
Brest - France, a system almost there and worth singing aboutA light hearted look and listen to a French system almost built International
LR Applrg - More New LRT T&AUT May 2010 2010: The tide of new tramways continuesA closer look at the new tramways opening in 2010, plus the ones that could have been and the reasons for their delays. Mike Taplin2010: The tide of new tramways continues The article in the February issue of Tramways & Urban Transit showed that in addition to 136 new tramways opened since 1978, another 45 were under construction. The question is, which of these will we be able to ride on before the end of 2010? Prediction is a black art, and already a few of those have drifted into 2011, or beyond, for a variety of reasons. Building a new tramway is a complex procedure at the mercy of many factors, from politicians to finance to the weather, and even the strongest project management skills can wilt from time to time. So, with these caveats accepted, here is the prediction of which schemes will be cutting the ribbon this year – a couple are on very safe ground as they have already happened! What might have been… Projects that could have opened in 2010, but have now slipped into 2011, include the new tramway in Anger, France (12km/7.4 miles) dummy running from December before opening in January; the first phase of the Algiers tramways in Algeria (16.3km/10 miles) and the much delayed and highlycontroversial Jerusalem project in Israel (13.8km /8.5 miles first trial 24 February, passenger service now April 2011). Dubai should open its innovative 10km (6 mile) line in the first quarter of 2011, while Hampton Roads Transit in Norfolk, VA, USA will open its 11.8km Tide LRT system around the same time after months of delay (11.8km). International
LR Applrg - Three Decades of New LRT Update T&AUT Feb 20102010: The tide of new tramways continues The article in the February issue of Tramways & Urban Transit showed that in addition to 136 new tramways opened since 1978, another 45 were under construction. International
Milan Italy - System Factfile T&AUT Article 2010As well as being a political and economic power base, Italy’s second-largest city is also famed for fashion and its passion for football. Exam the large and varied tram operation, part of a complex public transport network. International
Small Cities - Vittoria, Spain System Factfile T&AUT Article 2010A model tramway for the smaller city It is often assumed that only very large cities and urban centres can ever justify a light rail system, but in Europe and beyond, many smaller cities are building new tramways and reaping the benefits. International
TramTrain - Kassel Germany T&AUT Article 2009Kassel’s tram-train system has transformed public transport in the region. With other cities starting to take an interest in the concept, it is no wonder people from around the world are making the journey to central Germany. International
Casablanca - Morocco Yapi Merkezi 12 12 12 On time under two years AND under budget Trams greatly exceed numbers in the first week of service • 31 km double line tram (18,75 miles) • 48 stations. • 60 minutes travel time from first to last terminal. • Commercial speed of approximately 20 km (12,5 miles) / hour. • Capacity of transportation of 250.000 travelers per day. • Hours of operations from 5h00 am till midnight. • Frequency every 4 minutes during rush hours. International
Why choose Light Rail?

What is Light Rail & Trams today?

For public transport to become a force in dealing with urban congestion, carbon reduction, improving air quality and to be an attractive alternative to the car, it must be built quickly and operate affordably.

Some benefits:

  • Light rail systems have proven track record
  • Growing the public transport market
  • Creating modal shift in some cases 32%
  • Supporting regeneration , renewal and inward regeneration
  • Assisting in the creation off a new urban framework
  • An extremely green mode of transport
  • Will drastically reduce the nations carbon footprint
  • Can be used to re-engineer city districts
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