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November 2023.


We thought we were back last year when Mr Andy Carter MP, former chair of the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group (Applrg) invited us back as Secretariat.

A bit of a poison chalice challenge really! however, we nearly had it up and running Febuary 23 with the assistance of Ms Christine Graham MP Lib/Dem but an influx of Lib/Dem work led to her withdrawal from taking on the registered member role as required by HoC Standards for APPGs to enable us to become an official APPG!

As there are 800 plus APPGs, the expected and anticipated reform of the APPGs, we are waiting to see how this will affect us on the ground especially in view of the swirl that is rising in anticipation of a General Election with 12-18 months.

In the meantime we will continue as a political group campaigning for the universal benefits in all our communities of steel on steel in the street especially in the fight for clean air.

24 July 2022

WE ARE BACK! --- Ooh No we are not - YET1

Last week Mr Andy Carter MP Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group, currently de-registered, appointed Light Rail UK Group to take over the Secretariat after the previous incumbents .

Our next step is to hold an AGM in September 2022 when Parliament reconvenes

Since we have been away as Secretariat, there has been significant advances in the Tram Industry especially in the emerging Very Light Rail sector, more detaisl can be found in Industry/BCIMO

We had started a series of pre-feasibility studies for our MP members constituencies which will now be restarted in line with the new technology and the greater awareness of Climate Change

We have a number imformational visits scheduled during the coming year which I will be writing individually to

If you, as our Industry supporters wish to be involved, dont hesitate to contact me or any member of my team which now numbers 6

More details will be available as they happen.

June 2022

This is a new, repurposed, and updated version of the former All Party Parliamentary Light Rail Group which Light Rail (UK) Ltd held and funded the Secretariat from its inauguration in 2005 until May 2021 and handed over the Secretariat to Downtown in Business, Mr Simon Danzcuk, former Labour MP for Rochdale to take the APPLRG on a different path from that successful model before.

James Harkins FCILT, MTPS has been retained as a Technical Advisor to the APPLRG.

We will as part of our policy be supportive of all Parliamentary Groups within the UK in our fight for the nation to share the wide range of benefits of this mode in all its variants.

The contents of the previous APPLRG (2006 - 2020) has been gifted to the archive section of the National Tramway Museum Society as a record of this time of tram and light rail history for the benefit of those who follow who will without doubt judge on our success or failure especially with regards to Climate Change.

Light Rail UK Ltd was established in 2005 as campaigning organisation to support sustainable Public Transport, predominately steel on steel street running technologies and fills the gap between Government and Industry funded organisations. A grouping consortium of experts who give “Pro Bono” freely of their time and expertise for the greater good and for those who follow.

Today, Light Rail UK Ltd operates as an independent, not-for-profit consultancy specialising in the delivery of green projects, supporting innovation and market development, focused on low cost Light Rail, Trams, VLR/ULR (3rd Generation Tramways) and associated energy infrastructure.

We highly value our independence as it allows us to provide impartial advice and helps us build trust with our colleagues, friends, and customers.

Being a not-for-profit, Light Rail UK Ltd isn’t driven by doing the work which pays the most or builds our order book, but by what is right for our clients and for the industry.

This is reflected in everything we do, from the work we do and the advice we give, even to the prices we charge. Our major concern is the green wash be pedalled by so called including Government experts who claim that rubber wheeled vehicles are zero emission, they are not as long as they are producing pm 10pm & 2.5pm and fine black carbon soot particulates

Finally, as consultants, our aim is to be trusted advisors with expert knowledge – the ‘go-to’ source of help and support for public and private sector organisations. We want to be people you can trust to help where and when it is most needed as our customers progress along their journey to a zero carbon future.

Light Rail UK Group will hold regular sessions in order to provide a holistic package of policy proposals that will drive forward best practice including supportive modes, leading to affordable light rail & tramways with resultant physical and economic regeneration, carbon reduction, improved air quality, congestion relief, affordable and sustainable transport. to the  benefit of the UK and its' citizens.

Technical support is provided by James Harkins FCILT MTPS, Light Rail (UK) Ltd, Associates and Partners and various supporting organisations and individuals.

If you wish to sponsor a page, please contact for further detail

Light Rail (UK) Ltd and partners provides low cost, high quality, affordable consultancy to Government and Local Authorities to enhance their growing awareness of the advantages of Light Rail and Tram systems especially for small cities, towns, and conurbations.

Our TramTracker 2 contains 80+ cities and towns that would be able to support and sustain a modern tram system (Password access only)

Why choose Light Rail?

What is Light Rail & Trams today?

For public transport to become a force in dealing with urban congestion, carbon reduction, improving air quality and to be an attractive alternative to the car, it must be built quickly and operate affordably.

Some benefits:

  • Light rail systems have proven track record
  • Growing the public transport market
  • Creating modal shift in some cases 32%
  • Supporting regeneration , renewal and inward regeneration
  • Assisting in the creation off a new urban framework
  • An extremely green mode of transport
  • Will drastically reduce the nations carbon footprint
  • Can be used to re-engineer city districts
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