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TramTracker:T57 Hydrogen Tram Project 21 July 2020First & Last mile for TFN Rail Connectivity North Cheshire, a low cost alternative to the Transport for the North two heavy Rail lines into North Cheshire An alternative low cost rail corridor with a higher CBR and avoids a pollution generating corridorWarrington / Halton
TramTracker:T57 Hydrogen Tram Project 21 July 2020There is the danger that the current proposals by TfN and NPR will create a major pollution problem west of Manchester stretching to Liverpool is these proposals are not updated A tramway will improve the Northern Cities image and assists urban regeneration. Shiny rails instill investor confidence. All UK schemes have had positive effects on the image of the city in which they have been built, which has brought benefits in terms of attracting inward investment as well as business and tourist visitors, sometimes to the detriment of their non-tram neighboursWarrington / Halton
LR Applrg MeetingCall for evidenceWarrington / Halton
Tram Tracker Project:Warrington/Halton: The almost complete answer to poor air quality: September 2018Warrington's and Halton congestion and serious transport air pollution can best be tackled by provision of high-quality public transport. This is a serious opportunity in the proposed rebalancing of the North - South economy This can be provided by TfN as part of the "Rail North" proposals and must include light rail and tramways, each mode providing optimal service for varying traffic flows. The essential requirement is full integration of modes, in terms of interchange and through ticketing, allowing seamless journeys into and within Warrington and Halton. Trams and light rail should form an essential component of our public transport provision especially connections in the East with Manchester Metrolink and eventually West to Cheshire and Liverpool City Region Warrington / Halton
Tram Tracker Project:Warrington: An open letter October 2017An open letter to Warrington Borough Council, Action on air quality now! Warrington / Halton


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