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South Wales Metro: Tramforward Press Release 11 October 2018TramForward is cautiously pleased to note the first 5 years of plans for the Metro in the announcements about the new Welsh rail franchise to commence on October 14th 2018. The planned procurement of new rolling stock, infrastructure enhancements, and increases in services are all very welcome items. TramForward is, however, very well aware that the announced improvements on existing rail lines are only the beginning of the more extensive multi-modal Metro network as identified on the Welsh Government website. TramForward is therefore intent on ensuring that the Welsh Government instructs Transport for Wales to pursue development work on the other Metro routes, so that construction work on them can follow on from the upgrade of the existing Valleys Lines.Cardiff Metro
LR South Wales; TramTrain options for Cardiff: Tim Kendell TramForwardTramTrain Options for Cardiff BayCardiff Metro
LR South Wales Metro Vision 1 Dec 2015South Wales Metro vision is set out which could see trams returning to the streets of Cardiff and the Valleys Trams could replace heavy rail trains on several routes across South Wales, providing faster and more frequent services Cardiff Metro
LR South Wales Metro Tram Based ? 3rd Aug 2015The South Wales Metro needs to be based around trams if it is to achieve its full potential The electrification of the Valleys Lines gives us an opportunity to be create a light rail system in south east Wales that be best suited to future growth Plans for a South Wales Metro should be built around light rail or trams instead of the heavy rail that currently uses the Valleys Lines Cardiff Metro
LR South Wales Metro:£600 Million Confrmed 30 July 2015Transport Minister Edwina Hart will confirm that £600m has been identified for Valley Lines, but no decision yet on whether it will be tram or heavy rail In a statement to AMs Mrs Hart, who has responsibility for transport, is also expected to announce a new strategic transport advisory group to provide expertise and advice to the Welsh Government as it engages with stakeholders and suppliers in the rail sector, as part of the process of firming up its Metro plans. Cardiff Metro
Proposed - Cardiff Capital Region Metro:Further to the October announcement of around £65M for the first phase of the Metro, the Business and Transport Minister, Edwina Hart, announced on November 19th the setting up of a Business and Enterprise Board for the SE Wales City region. The Board will be responsible for overseeing new economic initiatives in the Region, including the Metro. It is to be chaired by Roger Lewis, Chief Executive of the Wales Rugby Union. Exactly how it will relate to any form of transport executive, Local Authorities, and SEWTA (the transport alliance of the 10 LAs involved) is not yet known. A similar board is also being set up for South West Wales, ie. Port Talbot, Swansea and all stations to Milford Haven! There is a transport Task Force covering north Wales, particularly the Chester, Wrexham and Flint areas. Cardiff Metro


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